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Our Mission

 Our mission is to strengthen our community by providing Comprehensive, 

Compassionate, Effective, Top-quality Counseling and Therapeutic services to individuals with social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral disabilities with a Holistic approach.

 We are dedicated to servicing the “Whole” individual, as we seek to inspire, build confidence, foster independence and improve the overall quality of life of individuals and their families. 


CAABT is committed to delivering exceptional services by providing creative, focused, culturally sensitive and goal-directed treatment that matches each child and family's needs on an individual basis. We are committed to serving you efficiently and effectively. Toward this end, we seek the least restrictive intervention to help children achieve their goals.

In order for children to fully benefit from treatment they must actively participate in this process, which includes working with a trained, competent, multidisciplinary team in the development of a comprehensive treatment plan. We also facilitate the expansion of the child and family's skills in making use of available supports and resources.

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