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Our Services

Currently we offer two types of services: In-home services and a Behavioral Assistance program. Our In-home services are provided on an outreach basis, to work with individuals and their families in the home and community. They are designed to avert treatment in residential or inpatient settings or to facilitate the earlier return of individuals receiving inpatient or residential care. Services are multi-faceted and include: therapy, supportive counseling, skills training and facilitation of access to other needed services and supports. Some in-home approaches are limited to short-term, intensive approaches with the goal of stabilizing and connecting the individual and family with ongoing services within a few weeks. We also provide longer-term interventions with the service intensity varying with clinical needs.


Our Behavioral Assistance program is designed to augment Partnership for Children Initiative services through the use of trained behavioral aides, working directly with children and adolescents and their families in a home, school/work, or other community settings, to carry out elements of a treatment or service plan. Services are generally time limited, focused on specific goals used to aide in the transition between levels of care or to facilitate adjustment to developmental tasks.​​

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